Friday, May 10, 2013

Dany USB TV Stick U-2000 Driver Download mediafire

USB TV Stick U-2000 Driver
Product Introduction
This product is an external USB2.0 TV box, which allows
you to watch live TV and to capture video on your PC!
Laptop! Notebook through USB2.0. Through the Hi-Speed
interface, you just need to Plug-and-Play without removing
computer cover.
1.1 Features
> Unique USB design, small and easy to carry.
> Embedded 10-bit video decoder to achieve stable picture
and vivid color.
> Receive full-channel TV programs & favorite channel
group and rename function.
> Full-system AV input port, connect to DVD player. STB,
Game player etc.

> Record video in DVD format.
> Schedule record and still image capture.
r Easy-installed, powerful and user-friendly software is
> Full function IR remote control & keyboard shortcuts
1.2 Speciļ¬cations
Interface: _
1. USB2.0 port
2. RF input: IEC 162-2
3. AV input: PJ320D video input
1.3? Recommended System Requirements
> Pentium 4, 1.2GHz or equivalent
> 1GB free hard drive space for program installation
> DirectX 9 or above
> Windows XP Ivista I Win?
> One free USB2.0 interface
1.5 Software Installation Instruction»
For achieving better performance, please upgrade your
operating system to Windows XP I Windows Vista or Win 7.
Automatic Installation
Insert USB TV Stick to the USB2.0 port of PC via USB
cable, and insert the software CD to CD-ROM, then the
installation wizard will appear automatically. If the Autorun
function of your system is disabled. the installation wizard
will not appear. Then you should browse the CD and
double click autorun.exe.
The installation wizard contains four contents as follow:
Direct9.0: Direct9.0 installation program
Install : Driver installation program and TVHome Media3
Browse CD: To access the content of the CD
Exit :The exit the installation
Click “Install " and follow the on screen instructions to
install the software.
After you have completed installing the software, right click
“My computer" - “Management” - “Device Manager" -
"Audio, Video and Game Controller‘ to make sure that
"USB TV Device” appears on the screen.
Note: After installation of application software. a tray icon
[  ;.,.....- ] will appear on the bottom right corner of the
screen (Do not disable Schedule.exe from Task Manager,
because it is for the use of remote control). To re-enable
Schedule.exe after exit, you can enter software installation
directory to re-able it.
Vl-Home Media3
TVHome Media3 Player is a full-featured and easy to use
software. Combining ow playback. ATV playback and FM
receiving functions. The user-friendly OSD, multiple input
options and keyboard shortcuts, powerful software
functions, and full-function remote control are all designed
to enrich the viewer experience.


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